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Tech Strategy

Qualitics’ thought leaders have helped fortune 100 companies implement successful tech strategies for large-scale $100M+ programs. We continue to guide and transform our clients with strategic solutions every day.

Software Delivery

An agile development methodology allows us to deliver high quality technology solutions at rapid speeds. Our unique Agility in Action development process guarantees the best possible solution for our clients.


Test Engineering

We are experts in quality assurance. Our Test Driven Development model enables us to save organizations time and money by optimizing software testing throughout development cycles and accelerating time to market.

Curated Crowd Testing

Our groundbreaking Curated Crowd platform, Qualifly, reduces the burden of hiring and maintaining full time validation engineers while increasing efficiency of on-demand software testing.

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Pure Agile

Stakeholders are fully engaged in our development process and are encouraged to provide feedback throughout the project.


Testing automation and the CST platform significantly reduce our products’ time to deployment  by optimizing quality assurance test phases.


All technology solutions are built from the ground up with industry standard security, compliance, and audit best practices. 

Industry Knowledge:

Agility in Action

  • 1


    We bring client stakeholders, business analysts, and expert developers together in a collaborative environment for a session of Brainstorming, Sketching, Roleplaying, and a wealth of other ideation techniques.

  • 2


    After our Ideation session, we validate a proposed solution with key client stakeholders to confirm that our solution meets desired goals and effectively solves the root problem.

  • 3


    We quickly develop a tangible, functional interface which allows stakeholders and users to interact with a prototype solution and provide initial feedback.

  • 4


    The solution is engineered by our team of expert developers and tested with a host of modern software quality assurance methods​.

  • 5


    We implement the software for a limited, targeted group of users and monitor their behavior to identify potential technology and process improvements.

  • 6


    Our team incorporates process and technology adaptations into the solution and develops a roadmap for enterprise-wide implementation.

Agile Benefits

  • Better Planning

    Projects never go according to plan. A truly agile philosophy enables Qualitics to focus on the work at hand. Rigid specifications and requirements are not always necessary and may not be an efficient use of time.​

  • Faster Feedback

    Agility enables us to provide work in quick, small increments. We fail fast, adapt our plan, and course correct towards success.​

  • You Drive, We Guide

    Our client is always in the driving seat. Continuous feedback from stakeholders is key to our agile methodology. We focus on high priority work and provide frequent demos session for stakeholders.​

  • Rapid Deployment

    Qualitics utilizes cutting edge test automation and deployment techniques to rapidly deploy safe, secure software updates. Frequent and incremental improvements empowers the continuous feedback cycle and allows customers to interact with their product immediately.


Responsibility above the role and role above the title.